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     Allowing lecturers and teaching assistants at King Saud University to obtain postgraduate degrees from distinguished international universities. This in return enables them to become pioneers in research, innovation and teaching, in order to participate in the scientific leadership in various fields.


     Establishing education and research channels for the teaching assistants and lectures at King Saud University in the world top universities to ensure a leading position in innovative research to achieve the information and economic development for the Kingdom.


1. Providing teaching assistants and lectures who cannot travel abroad to study - for certain social circumstances with the opportunity to pursue their postgraduate degrees.

2. Improving the level of women cadres at King Saud University and providing the university with qualified female members of staff.

3. Establishing real scientific and research partnership between the university and its counterparts of prestigious universities around the world, known for their role in the establishment of knowledge and development.

4. Facilitating exchange of expertise between international outstanding universities, and benefitting from the expertise of prominent members of staff as supervisors of teaching assistants and lectures  at the university.

5. Encouraging scientific communication and conducting joint research between members of staff at KSU and the world lading universities.