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They are the teaching assistants or lecturers enrolled at the EJSP who began searching for an acceptance at an external university, but did not get an administrative decision to start studying at the external university.



1. Getting an introduction letter stating that the applicant is enrolled at the programme.

2. Facilitating receiving a financial guarantee to submit to external universities.

3. Providing assistance in case the applicant encounters any difficulty with a particular university.

4. Revising the acceptance letter once it is obtained.




1. Not to  joining more than one postgraduate programme at one time.

2. The enrolled students at the EJSP must choose her internal and external supervisors, and search for acceptance in the external university.

3. Communicating with the administration of the EJSP continuously and keeping them updated about any issues.

4. Getting updated about the programme and attending its related meetings.

5. Applying only for universities by accredited the Ministry of Higher Education, and abiding by any additional conditions required by the programme or by the department and the college.

6. Notifying the programme administration once an acceptance at an external university is granted.