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This refers to the member of teaching staff nominated by the external university to supervise the student as a main supervisor.




The university pays the costs of a return ticket from the location of the external university to KSU’s location. In addition to this, the visit visa is issued, as well as housing, transportation and living expenses -which are covered- based on the approval of the Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.




  1. Providing academic supervision for the student during the period of her study.
  2. Supervising the research time-line, as well as planning a suitable schedule of visits to enable the student to complete the programme within the normal period of study in coordination with the internal supervisor and the student within a period not exceeding three months from the start of the programme of study.
  3. Supervising the research plan.
  4. Cooperating effectively with the internal supervisor to enable the student to complete the programme within the normal period of study.
  5. Attending the meetings of the internal supervisor and the students with the programme administration whenever needed.
  6. Preparing and submitting a detailed semi-annual report about the student’s progress and submitting it to the programme administration.
  7. Endorsing the semi-annual report prepared by the student about her study.
  8. Endorsing the student’s reports of visits to the external university.
  9. If the student showed an unsatisfactory academic level, the supervisor must notify the programme administration.
  10. Committing to visit the university once or twice a year for a period of five days per visit to meet with the student and the internal supervisor, and discuss the results of the study. The external supervisor may also give a lecture or a workshop during the visit. If the external supervisor is unable to visit KSU he/she should nominate someone to take over.
  11. Submitting a report on each visit to the programme administration.