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  1. The supervisor receives a lump sum payment for every student as stipulated in Article No. (61) of the unified higher education rules and regulations in Saudi universities.
  2. The university pays for a return ticket to the location of the external university. A visit allowance, as well as compensation of the visa fees are also covered.


  1. Guiding and advising the enrolled student to overcome difficulties faced in getting an offer from the external university.
  2. Helping the student in overcoming the academic and research difficulties during the period of study.
  3. Cooperating effectively with the external supervisor to enable the student to finish within the normal period of the study.
  4. Participating in supervising the implementation of the research plan of the student.
  5. Communicating with the external supervisor with regard to the implementation of the research plan.
  6. Participating in the preparation of an appropriate visits schedule to enable the student to complete the programme within the normal period of study in coordination with the external supervisor and the student as planned.
  7. Ensuring  that the student presents her work annually starting from the second year of study.
  8. Helping the student to get the research requirements of equipment and materials in coordination with the department and the programme administration.
  9. Participating in the coordination of the external supervisor visit with the department and the student for each visit of the external supervisor.
  10. Attending the meetings of the external supervisor and the student with the programme administration whenever needed.
  11. Preparing and submitting a semi-annual report about the study of the student, and submitting it to the programme administration.
  12. Endorsing the semi-annual report prepared by the student about her study.
  13. If the student showed an unsatisfactory academic level, the supervisor must notify the programme administration.
  14. Traveling to the location of the external university once a year for a period of five days. This visit should coincide with the visit of the student so as to meet with the student and the external supervisor and discuss the results of the study, and getting updated about any techniques related to the study. The Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research is entitled to double the duration of the visit. If, for unseen circumstances, the internal supervisor cannot travel, he/she can nominate someone to visit the external university instead, after the approval of the General Supervisor of the programme.
  15. Submitting a report on each visit to the external university and to the programme administration.
  16. Getting updated about the programme and attending its related meetings.