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It was imperative to set up the EJSP for the teaching assistants and lecturers at King Saud University. The university is committed to enable teaching assistants and lecturers to complete their postgraduate degrees at distinguished universities through full external scholarship in universities abroad.  This is to allow them to gain experience and scientific expertise. However, taking into account the social factors that prevent some teaching assistants and lectures from joining full external scholarshipprogrammes to pursure their postgraduate studies abroad, it was necessary to establish the EJSP. This programme gives teaching assistants and lecturers the opportunity to complete their postgraduate studies and divide their time between the external university and King Saud University,  following a clear structured plan. This aims is to ensure quality and outstanding performance to complete their postgraduate studies. Hence, there was a need to set rules regulating joining the EJSP for those who cannot study abroad in a full scholarship programme. Accordingly, the following rules and regulations were imposed.


First: the department and college of the teaching assistant or the lecturer should nominate her to join the EJSP, which set a number of conditions that must be met as follows:

  1.  The applicant cannot study abroad on a full scholarship programme.
  2.  The applicant applying to study a PhD should have spent at least one year in accordance with the following:
               *The applicant should have spent at least one year since her appointment at KSU.
               * The applicant should have spent at least one year since obtaining her master's degree, and should be holding the position of "a teaching assistat" at King Saud University and was not promoted to become a lecturer’ after obtaining her master’s degree.
  3.  In the case of availability of a doctoral programme of the same specialization of the teaching assistant or the lecturer, then the number of students enrolled at the EJSP should not exceed 20% of the total number of appointed Saudi members in the applicant’s department (faculty members, lecturers, teaching assistants).
  4.  The applicant applying to study a PhD should have published at least one paper in her area of ​​specialization after obtaining her master's degree.
  5.  The applicant should meet the English language proficiency required scores as follows: (TOEFL PBT =550), (TOEFL IBT =61), or (IELTS =5.0).

Second: these rules are to be re-examined within three years from the date of approval.