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     The formulation of the rules and regulations of the External Joint Supervision Programme (EJSP) has taken certain issues into consideration. This is due to the unique nature of EJSP compared to regular postgraduate study systems and scholarships at the university, where the the study and follow-up of the student’s progress are different. The university, realizing the importance of allowing the teaching assistants lectures  to complete their postgraduate study in certain fields of knowledge needed by the university, and based on the workflow requirements in EJSP ( in light of the fruitful experience of other Arab countries  in qualifying many women cadres to get a doctorate degree), and a desire to invest in the success of the programme to provide the university with female faculty, the university has taken a number of issues into consideration. These rules and regulations are considered the milestone and the basic foundation for the establishment and implementation of the programme, so as to catch up with the changes that have occurred in various previous experiences. Accordingly, the Standing Committee of the Programme has prepared and endorsed comprehensive rules for the programme which have been approved by His Excellency the Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. The following is a list of the rules regulating the EJSP with external universities.