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      Praise be to Allah, peace and blessings be upon our Prophet, and upon his family and companions.

     The formation of the Standing Committee of the External Joint Supervision Programme (EJSP) for the teaching assistants and lecturers was initiated under the guidance of the Rector Prof. Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Al-Othman to find possible ways to provide appropriate opportunities for teaching assistants and lecturers whose circumstances prevented them from going for a scholarship abroad which in turn  resulted in preventing them from pursuing their higher education. This is either because there is no programme for their specific specialty in their colleges, or because of some family and other social related obstacles that dose not allow them to spending a number of years abroad. Consequently, it was imperative to find a mechanism to enable them to complete their education so as to make sure that teaching assistants lectures at King Saud University continue to develop,  while taking their circumstances into account. With this caveat in mind, King Saud University, represented by the Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Prof. Ali bin Saeed Al-Ghamdi formed the EJSP for the teaching assistants and lecturers.  This programme aimed to benefit from existing programmes in many of the world's prestigious universities in a number of developed countries, which allow the teaching assistants or lecturers to divide their time between the external foreign universities and King Saud University following a clear structure. This is to ensure quality and outstanding performance to complete their postgraduate studies to obtain their doctoral degree.

    Accordingly, the EJSP administration and the Standing Committee of the Programme have prepared the strategies, as well as the rules and regulations for the programme.

God bless..
The General Supervisor of the External Joint Supervision Programme
Dr. Nadia bint Mohammad Al-Greimil